Strategy & PR

Our team of seasoned digital marketing strategists, media veterans, and former journalists utilize industry best practices, creative solutions, and well-developed relationships with media outlets throughout the state and nation to help our clients.

We can help craft a 360-degree tailored marketing and media relations package to address your brand's pain points and challenges, elevating you above your competition. From ensuring you're covered on paid and earned content to providing training on how to effectively communicate with the media and develop a comprehensive program to achieve maximum results.

Below are just a few examples of how we can help
boost your brand during the DNC!

PR & Digital Marketing Strategy for DNC

Before we dive into anything, we want to make sure we have a solid strategy in place! This strategy will be your all-encompassing strategy to address your 360-degree DNC marketing needs. Everything from event experience mapping to microsite creation to PR to video and photography. You name it, we’ll map out a game plan for you to get started! For more details, check out our Digital Marketing, Video & Photo, and Advertising services.

We also recommend developing key messages to be used throughout various platforms for the announcement, which we can roll into our overall strategy to ensure consistency!

Earned Media for DNC

We can assist in drafting a news release to announce the promotion to local media outlets. To coincide with this, we will develop multiple media lists in order to distribute to local media, covering the Metro Milwaukee area and the greater Wisconsin community in order to secure print and broadcast coverage.

We can be available upon request to staff and coordinate onsite, on the ground interviews. Whatever you need, we have your back!

Spokesperson Training for DNC

Spokesperson training can make the difference between improving or harming an organization’s reputation. To help our clients perform well each time they face the media and other public speaking situations, we offer a training program tailored to meet their needs. Our spokesperson training simulates real-life training scenarios to teach you the skills you need to gain control, project confidence and impart your key messages. We have trained spokespersons for a wide variety of media interviews and presentations — often involving stress-filled situations.

Community Relations & Experiences for DNC

Community involvement is part of today’s business atmosphere and especially during this exciting time in Milwaukee this Summer. However, most companies fail to coordinate the company’s mission and business objectives with their civic efforts. We can help you strategically align your civic involvement, community activities, and sponsorship efforts with your company’s bottom-line business goals to reap maximum benefits. A few examples could include:

  • Art Murals: Let us help you find a local artist and engage with Milwaukee’s
    neighborhoods in a creative and visual way.
  • Pop-up Instagram Museums: The DNC is an opportunity for your brand to get
    noticed, let us help you make a splash.
  • Milwaukee Bus Tours: We can help you curate a Milwaukee experience unique
    to you.